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Who is Marvel’s Eternal? Meet them in new character posters.

Eternals from the new Marvel movie.۔

Here are five. Eternal But there are many more.
Image: Marvel Studios.

We know the avengers. We know the guardians of the galaxy. Heck Now we also know the ten colors.. But Marvel’s latest superhero group is bigger than all of them combined. They are. Eternal.

Oscar-winning director Chloe Xiao. Will bring Eternal November 5 in theaters and Marvel Cinema Universe. A diverse group of creatures that have protected the earth for thousands of years, long before anyone heard of Tony Stark, Peter Coyle, either or Kingdom of Wakanda. now, Although, When their mortal enemy, Devent, somehow returns, they are forced to rejoin.nd return And back. In an interview with فینڈنگو۔, Xiao confirmed. Eternal, It lasts less than three hours and has not one but two closing credits. “Don’t just stay ona for the first time.lSo stay tuned for more. They are equally important in weight, and both come as a surprise to you.

So who are they? Eternal? Well, Marvel has released a nice pile of character posters to guide you along the way, so let’s check them out.

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