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The Orlando Magic Just Like Any Team Knows How No. 1 pick in NBA draft Can change the trajectory of a franchise.

The last three times the Magic had the No. 1 pick of the draft, they knocked it out of the park: Shaquille O’Neill in 1992, Chris Webber, whom Orlando traded with the Golden State Warriors for Penny Hardaway and three future first-rounders in ’93 and Dwight Howard in 2004.

Now, President of Basketball Operations Jeff Veltman gets his first shot with the Orlando at a 1-inch . get on Thursday’s NBA DraftIncluding the pressure that comes with selecting franchise-changing players associated with the top picks.

The Magic also has two second round picks – Numbers 32 and 35.

“I would never put pressure on someone who picks 15, 8 or 1 that you’re getting a franchise,” Veltman said ahead of the draft starting at 8 p.m. at Barclays Center in New York. The draft will be broadcast on ABC (first round) and ESPN (first and second round).

Veltman said: “I don’t think it’s fair to be someone who hasn’t played a minute in the NBA yet.”

Nonetheless, those are the expectations that come with the No. 1 pick. The clock has been ticking on Orlando since the mid-May draft lottery, and it’s the job of the basketball operations leadership of Veltman and the Magic to pick the right ones.

Duke’s Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren of Gonzaga And Auburn’s Jabari Smith Considered the top player in the draft, most rival officials and scouts believe the No. 1 pick will go to Holmgren or Smith.

Each prospect brings their own unique skills and logic to be the top pick.

Banchero. case for: He may be the closest to an offensive option in this draft class due to the high-level scoring and passing he showed with the Blue Devils. Banchero can play in a myriad of ways with the ball in his hand.

case for holmgren: A skill set on both ends of the floor that the player often doesn’t see from his size (7-foot and 195 pounds with 7-foot-6 wingspan). He has a combination of rim protection, defensive versatility, handles, touch near the rim, basketball IQ and floor-spacing ability that leads some to believe he can be a defensive anchor and offensive focal point.

case for smith: The combination of size, shooting/scoring ability and versatility on both ends is rare. Smith can score in a variety of ways without needing to create a significant advantage and brings a defensive intensity that can help him become a two-way star.

“With respect to these three” [players]as well as many others, [they] May be the All-Stars of the future,” Ryan Blake, who has helped direct scouting services for the NBA since 1996, said in a recent phone call with the Orlando Sentinel. “old cliché” [is] It is in the eye of the beholder. is closed.”

After all, Smith is the player who should take the Magic to No.

Smith will provide Magic and coach Jamahal Mosley value the defensive versatility and shotmaking Orlando needs spot-ups, pull-ups with elbows and to come off the post or off the screen.

He is the most accomplished shooter (42% off the arc on 5.5 attempts with the Tigers) and will open the floor for the Magic, which they need after shooting 33.1% off the arc (the league’s third-worst mark) in 2021-22.

Their ball handling and playmaking need improvement, but Magic have ball handlers (cole anthony, Markel Fultz, Jalen Suggs, Franz Wagner And Wendell Carter Jr.) become a full-time option to fulfill the responsibilities of creation when he works on the skills he has the potential to be.

Defensively, Smith will be able to change most, if not all, positions. There shouldn’t be a defensive coverage he can’t play. The Magic prided themselves on defending their first season under Mosley, and Smith fits into that.

Smith will unlock lineup combinations for magic at both ends of the floor more than any other player in this draft, while fitting into what Orlando began building in March 2021 after a rebuild centered around young talent. Raising your collective floor and ceiling.

He is also the most malleable player of the three on the court, allowing the Magic to build a variety of rosters around him depending on which direction his front office decides to rebuild and the NBA. What does the future look like?

Banchero and Holmgren will meet the magic needs in their own way, but Smith needs to be the No. 1 magic target player.

“I’m pretty confident we’re going to find a guy with size, talent, IQ, skill, character — everything we want to be about,” Veltman said. “We are going to add him to our already exciting group of young players. We will put him in a position to fully maximize his potential. Besides, it goes where it goes.”

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