Who was Cheryl Comeso and what happened to her?

girl in the picture is a jaw-dropping true-crime documentary about the short life of Susan Sevakis and the twisted crimes of Franklin Delano Floyd.

two other victims who are in the center girl in the picture Sevakis’ younger son Michael Hughes and his colleague Cheryl Comeso are on Netflix.

Michael Hughes has never met since he was kidnapped by Floyd in 1994. Comeso was assassinated by Floyd in 1989.

Comeso’s murder is the only murder to date for which Floyd has been convicted, despite admitting he killed Hughes and suspecting the servants’ friends and family were involved in his death as heard. Girl in the picture.

newsweek Here’s everything you need to know about Comeso and what happened to him.

Who was Cheryl Comeso?

Cheryl Comeso was a young woman and dancer who worked with Susan Sevakis. At that time the servants were known as Sharon Marshall.

Comeso was Italian and former beauty pageant winner. Her beauty and lovely personality were highly praised by her friends and colleagues Girl in the picture.

Floyd kidnapped a young valet in 1975 and raised him as his daughter, Sharon Marshall, and later, his wife, Tonya Hughes. His true identity remained a mystery for nearly three decades. That was until 2014, when Floyd revealed FBI agents Sharon Marshall and Tonya Hughes’ real name was Susan Sevakis. DNA tests were then able to confirm the identities of the servants.

When Comeso and Sharon Marshall were colleagues, working as exotic dancers in Florida, the former became involved with Floyd. Using the pseudonym Warren Marshall, Floyd promises that he can get her a job working as a model. playboy, Which was one of Kameso’s dreams.

In girl in the pictureSharon Marshall’s friends and associates recall how Floyd, posing as his father Warren Marshall, would film him and Comeso topless, under the guise of sending him lazy,

According to several colleagues who feature in girl in the picture, Floyd was physically violent towards Comeso, punching him in the face in the parking lot in front of employees after an argument.

Cheryl Ann Comeso was assassinated by Franklin Floyd in 1989.

What happened to Cheryl Comeso?

Cheryl Comeso went missing in April 1989 at the age of 18. Despite an extensive search, his skeletal remains were not found until March 1995.

It will take about two years for Kameso to be identified after the discovery. cinematic The post-mortem report revealed that his skull was fractured due to the beating and he died after being hit by two bullets in the back of the head.

Comeso’s identity was only confirmed after Floyd’s photos were found under a stolen car.

In March 1995, as part of an investigation into the kidnapping of Sevkis’ son Michael Hughes, a truck was discovered near Floyd who had left the car in Texas.

Franklin Floyd
Franklin Floyd killed Cheryl Comeso in 1989.

Comeso’s photos include about 90 other images as well of Sevaskis being abused as a child and teenager. Some pictures of Sevsky were taken when she was 4 years old.

After matching pieces of clothing, jewelry and personal items found in the photographs to those found next to his remains, detectives were able to confirm that it was Comeso in the photographs. The injuries in the photographs were also consistent with those from which it was determined that he had died.

Floyd was found guilty of killing Comeso in 2002.

as heard girl in the picture, Authorities believed that evidence may have existed relating to Comeso’s death in a home shared with Floyd’s servants.

However, shortly after Comeso’s disappearance, Floyd and Sevakis fled to Oklahoma, changing their names to Clarence and Tonya Hughes in the process. His trailer burnt to the ground.

The burning of their house was ruled out as deliberate arson, as Matt Birkbeck details in his book, a beautiful child.

Floyd was sentenced to death for the murder of Comeso and is still on the death row. He is 79 years old.

girl in the picture Now streaming on Netflix.

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