What was Zapruder’s name going on Wednesday at the Miami Dolphins training in Cincinnati when someone posted videos of several performances on social media?

And does it matter?

First, someone with Twitter support JFolkUHC made a video on Wednesday showing several performances involving dolphins. The only value of the news was that Tua Tagovailoa was the quarterback. That would suggest will play on Thursday evening despite the injury from last Sunday.

There were a few simple pass patterns, run, punt – but it’s not uncommon, if ever, to watch videos of the teams in training like this. On the other hand, due to Hurricane Ian, the Dolphins left South Florida early on Wednesday and practiced at the University of Cincinnati.

If this annoys you a little, relax.

The next photo shows a group of people watching the dolphin training. In other words, they knew people were watching, and in today’s world, video could come out. So it wasn’t the best scenario. Nor was it that Don Shula transferred their practices ahead of Super Bowl VII for fear that George Allen would spy on them in a designated location (hint to “Still Perfect ”, my book about dolphins ’72, which comes out with the 50th anniversary edition.)

This is not a perfect world in a short week with a hurricane changing travel plans. However, this is nothing that will change the Thursday game.

Let’s move on to the five weekly ways dolphins can win Thursday’s game:

1. The crime takes control. It seems to be a game where the dolphin offensive will be asked to put more strain on it. Why? Because the defense has been on the pitch for 90 games on Sunday – about a game and a half by normal quota – and it has to feel the effects within a short week. Meanwhile, the offensive took place closer to the middle of the match with 39 games. Cincinnati has a good defense as he is eighth in yards (310.7 per game) and ninth in points (18.3). A few questions about injury arise dramatically in the game. One is whether or not Tua plays what is expected at this point. The second is the defensive Cincinnati gear that DJ Reader has a knee problem. The 340-pound gear is designated by the Cincinnati media as the Defense MVP.

2. Josh Boyer vs. Joe Burrow. Bengalis are prone to rush, and Dolphs defensive coordinator Boyer has once again been hugely successful this season with blitzing. Brandon Jones’s safety strap made a touchdown against New England and Jevon Holland’s safety strap made a touchdown against Buffalo. The Bengalis gave up 15 bags, which is the most allowed in the league. This year, they are rebuilding their offensive line in the hope of keeping Burrow upright. They only handed over two bags to the Jets last week, so maybe their problems are getting better.

2. Terron Armstead vs. Trey Hendrickson. First, the problem is that Armstead is playing with the problem with his fingers. Hasn’t exercised this week and is listed as “questionable” although media reports on Thursday morning said he would play. He neutralized Buffalo’s Von Miller on Sunday and is a staple of the line. Former Florida Atlantic player Hendrickson was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week after 2.5 dismissals, two consecutive playmakers and two forced fumbles against the Jets. In the last two seasons, he has 13.5 and 14 bags. He has 20 bags in 23 games against Cincinnati.

3. Can the dolphins steer the ball – or should they re-air it? It seems like a good week to flash a successful running game with Reader and Dolphin Defense in need of help. The dolphins ran 65, 86 and 41 yards for the first three weeks. Chase Edmonds (3.4 yards ahead) and Raheem Mostert (3.3) could take advantage of the big game. On the other hand, the strength of the Dolphins is Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle doing great arts. The Bengalis have faced the shoulders of Mitch Trubisky, Cooper Rush and Joe Flacco so far, so it’s hard to measure what their 15th passing defense can do.

4. Tagovailoa vs. Burrow. Draft-class partners will always be compared with each other in some form. In history, Dolphins owner Steve Ross “jokes” $ 100,000 to get coach Brian Flores to lose games – Flores didn’t think he was joking, according to his lawsuit. But at the 2019 Burrow Bowl, the Bengalis came back from a 35-12 deficit in the second half thanks to the side shots, Hail Mary, two touchdowns in the defense – and the Dolphins were targeting number 1 when the tie came to extra time. They won in extra time and then beat New England in the season finale to claim their fifth pick. Now the awards of this project are coming together.

5. How good? Cincinnati studying Zapruder’s movies?

Forecast: Cincinnati 27, Miami 24. There’s a lot of work going on against the dolphins this week, starting with Buffalo’s grueling victory in Sunday’s heat. Moving 3-1 in this tough first month of the schedule is an achievement. Obviously their goal is to win 4-0. Actually, only one Sun Sentinel reporter chooses dolphins.


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