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Who was Sir Richard Sutton and how did he die?

The son of the wife of millionaire Sir Richard Sutton has confessed. Massacre.

But Thomas Schreiber denied the murder and pleaded not guilty to attempted murder of his mother, Ann Schreiber. He will go to trial later this month.

Sir Richard, 83, was stabbed to death in April at his estate in Glingham, Dorset. An initial autopsy revealed that he had fatal stab wounds to his chest. Ms Schreiber was taken to South Med Hospital in Bristol and survived.

Who was Sir Richard Sutton?

Sir Richard Lexington Sutton owned 7,000 acres of land above and below the country, from 9th Baront, Dorset, Berkshire and London to Lincolnshire and Aberdeenshire.

It belonged to the established Sutton Baroness, a title that dates back to the time of King James I.

Sir Richard had a vast property and farming portfolio, including the 6,500-acre Benham Estate in West Berkshire and the Stanton Estate in Lincolnshire.

In addition to his vast estate, he was also known for his lucrative hotel empire – including Sheraton Grand Park Lane and Ethenium in Mayfair, as well as Bath, Cheltenham and three smaller locations in Windsor.

A suite at the luxurious, five-star Sheraton Hotel costs up to £ 1,500 a night.

“Sir Richard Sutton Limited (SRSL) manages and owns commercial assets and businesses in the hotels, real estate and farming sectors,” reads his company’s website.

“Our goal is to continue to serve as long-term honors, to preserve the legacy created in past centuries, and to pass on the legacy to future generations with integrity.”

Sir Richard was listed at number 435. Sunday Times Rich List. Last year, with an estimated family fortune of 301 million – an increase of £ 83 million last year.

His first marriage was to Fima Sutton, daughter of Marzio Ferrari, and they had two children, David, 61, and Caroline, 55, and five grandchildren.

He later married Ann Schreiber, who had three children of his own. The youngest, Thomas, 34, is in custody as he awaits trial on November 29.

Police were called to an address in Higher Langham, near Gullingham, Dorset, at 7.30pm on April 7. They found Sir Richard and Ms. Schreiber with severe injuries.

The prosecution said it would not accept Mr Schreiber’s criminal plea for murder.

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