Humphrey finds his niche, from gaining tough pre-season shipyards to blocking Pittsburgh.

Lil’Jordan Humphrey made an impression this preseason. Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

How Lil’Jordan Humphrey he continues to build his niche in the NFL, has shown he can do a lot of things well.

When he was in Texas, coach Tom Herman he used to call Humphrey his “Swiss Army Knife.”

He played jogging in high school, so he has the skills to carry balls. But the university coaches saw his rise and turned him into a receiver. At 6ft-4,225lbs, it can catch passes and block but is not necessarily big enough to be a full-time tight end.

Although he does not fit the prototype for a specific position, he does games, said Patriot head coach Bill Belichick.

“I think [he has] some of the hardness we talked about, ”Belichick said. “I made a big catch on that second and long stretch, which put us in the last climb into the third and short stretch, where Mac ended up jerking. So he had a lot of tough yards in the preseason. I made some difficult holds in the middle.

He’s an interesting guy. It doesn’t really fit the mold for a certain position. But he is a good footballer. I’m so glad we got it.

Humphrey said it was his versatility that kept him in the Patriots and helped him get promoted from the training team in last week’s game.

“I feel this brings value,” Humphrey told “I can do whatever is asked of me at a high level. I feel this is the only reason I’m stuck because I’m able to do a lot instead of being one dimensional. “

Audiences like Humphrey are making second tier blocks sometimes go unnoticed, but it can lead to big gains, said offensive linear David Andrews.

“He’s done a good job, and when you see our audience block, then there’s going to be big moves,” Andrews said. “Usually non-offensive liners block security and the like. When big moves are taking place, it’s usually because your audience is stepping on their tails to get something done. They did a great job helping us get the ball through these climbs late in the game. We need it every week. “

Humphrey, who started the season in the training squad before getting promoted to the game last week, said his preparation was stable regardless of the squad he plays for.

“It’s the same,” said Humphrey. “Because when you are on the training team, you have the option to be called up every week, so you prepare as a match and leave everything else to God and the coaches.”

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