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Why can’t Team Biden ignore the deal with the Mexican Devil?

J.For Dia de los Mortos, over time comes a terrible story from the south of the border that reminds us of what happens when someone makes a deal with the devil. This is official: Mexico is now a wholly owned subsidiary of drug cartels..

This should come as no surprise to the Biden administration, which needs to understand that its relationship with Mexico needs to change. The cartel shows a new sense of how embedded it is with Mexican institutions. A big challenge for President Biden. It needs to understand that the Americans can no longer rely on the Mexican authorities to rein in the cartels, if we ever can.

The Americans expect that any political party in Mexico that controls the presidency is likely to have comfortable relations with drug traffickers. The current president of Mexico Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador., Literally describing his view of Narcos as “not a sore throat”. This is a clear gift.

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