Viewers rave about the hit series HBO House of the Dragonbut only the most devoted fans would notice that last Sunday’s episode made mention of the Muppets.

The Sesame StreetHOTD the crossover harks back to the book by George RR Martin Fire and bloodwhich serves as the basis House of the Dragon. AND Sesame Street Polygon noticed that the character’s name was removed during a council meeting.

In episode 6, entitled “The Princess and the Queen,” Lyonel Strong mentions a frontier dispute between the Bracken and Blackwood houses. Queen Alicent then asks, “Why didn’t Lord Grover Tully step in?”

Grover, of course, is also the name of the blue fur monster from a longtime children’s show Sesame Street. But the fact that the figure in House of the Dragon he bears the same pseudonym is not just a coincidence.

Elmo and Grover pose for a photo at New Jersey Children’s Hospital February 22, 2017. Some House of the Dragon fans pointed to the mention of Sesame Street in last Sunday’s episode.
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Martin Fire and blood includes some other nods to Sesame Street, too. Polygon noted that Lord Grover Tully’s grandson was named Elmo, who would eventually have two children named Oscar and Kermit.

Polygon further reported that Martin had some cheeky fun writing about the Tully family about the Muppet theme that spans generations. The fantasy writer wrote that Oscar had a kind of “prickly pride” and described Kermit’s tenure as a soldier as “green”:

Then as now, the river lords were a quarrelsome and quarrelsome group. Kermit Tully, Lord Riverrun, was their senior and nominally commander of their hosts … but it must be remembered that his lordship was only nineteen years old and “green as summer grass,” as the people of the north might say. His brother Oscar, who had killed three men in a muddy mess and later knighted on the battlefield, was even greener and cursed with the kind of prickly pride so common to his other sons.

Den of Geek reported that in 2017, two of Martin’s co-authors confirmed this Fire and bloodThe names of the Muppets were 100 percent intentional. Now many fans are hoping House of the Dragon he will remain dedicated to the battle and will introduce the rest of the Tully family as they appear in the book.

Already last year, some on social media wondered how the show would choose to address the Tully family.

“Very curious if House of the Dragon will cowardly decide to change the names of Grover, Elmo and Kermit Tully, or take a brave and noble course of action and allow for a very serious HBO drama starring three characters that are clearly named after the Muppets.” . “Twitter user @ KLo1012 he wrote then.

Newsweek got to Sesame Street for your comment. An HBO representative declined to comment.

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