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Why do Twitter response ads fail?

No one wants an ad in the Twitter responses, not even an image-ad for an article titled.

Image: Olivier Doleri (Getty Images)

Twitter is testing something, oh, Objectionable Design Alter On its entire platform by 2021, but its latest could be the worst yet. On Wednesday, company revenue product lead Bruce Falk announced that Twitter would test a new ad format that incorporates promoted tweets into your conversations. Lucky Android and iOS users who are part of this global test will now see ads in the first, third or eighth response to a given tweet.

“We’re excited to try it out for our advertisers and we’re excited to see how this tweet can open the door to additional opportunities to reward authors and creators,” Falk wrote. “We see a great opportunity to create an ad offering that creates value and motivation for creators and advertisers.”

Listen, as a Twitter user, I’ve always been riding with some of its recently added features. Tip jar And Super followers.The platform is designed to give power users a “reward” for their content. But unlike any of these tools, Twitter Ads is not a button you can paste on your profile. They are advertisements. They are annoying, intrusive and sometimes. Deep weird, Which is not the kind of content you want to drag into every kind of center. Toxic caravans That’s a lot in Twitter’s timelines. Advertising between people’s conversations feels like the last breath of a platform that already knows how many ads it can put in. Every other corner More anxious for your feed. Some A new way to make a profit from your customers.

And it’s not hard to see why. When it comes to advertising revenue, Twitter has always overtaken other major platforms in the social media space. In the last quarter, for example, the platform reported. Impressive 1.05 billion In advertising revenue – and while کچھ 1 billion is nothing to sneeze at, Facebook did. $ 10.4 billion Advertising revenue in the same quarter, while Amazon earned. About 8 8 billion. In other words, Twitter has to compete in some places, where any platform that ignores its ads the most wins.

It also needs advertisers who want to reach those eyeballs in the first place. Because Twitter has become a haven. Hate speech, To harass, And good, Lots and lots of porn., Marketers have historically felt. A little out On people’s feeds as well as the possibility of showing their products. And while Twitter has taken some steps this year to address their concerns. Partnership! More Matrix! More AuditIn fact, any Twitter user will tell you that the platform still contains hate speech, harassment and pornography.

And, again, as a Twitter user, I can confirm that something The worst Some parts of the platform are not happening inside people’s bad posts, but are in the conversation below these tweets. Hell, Twitter is even testing a system. Tell users When they’re going to have a particularly nasty conversation! It’s not clear if Twitter is trying to squeeze ads into its more “hot” caravan – but consider how quickly the platform allows people to join. Absolute decod From one answer to another, it seems inevitable. And when that happens, ad stores are about to join the ranks of consumers who are screaming about how horrible this “test” will be. If the company doesn’t listen to us, I will. Hope this listens to them.


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