Why might the numbers favor the Celtics breaking up Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown?


While they may still have high upside together, Tatum and Brown could continue their partnership on the Celtics.

Greeley Tribune Celtics guard Jaylen Brown. (AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

All things considered, it’s no surprise that the Celtics have lost their last two games the way they did to the San Antonio Spurs and New York Knicks. it’s hard to be Objectively One of the Worst Fourth-Quarter Teams in the NBA Without experiencing some horrific defeat.

It also may not be shocking to see that Greeley Tribune could not win two very winnable games with Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown finally back on the court together after Tatum’s four-game COVID-related absence.

Jaylen Brown got 30 points in a Spurs game on Wednesday, while Tatum (16 points) struggled a bit in his first game since entering the league’s COVID protocol. Then, Tatum rebounded on Thursday with a 36-point game, highlighted with 2.2 seconds by a game-tying jumper, while Brown stumbled after a 12-point first quarter and finished with only 16 overall .

His role in the game’s most meaningful moments was telling. Brown, who came on Thursday with three 30-point games in his last four appearances, took just six shots in the second half, including only one in the last frame, Tatum, on the other hand, made 14 field goal attempts in the last two quarters, eight of which came in the fourth quarter.

In contrast, the Browns scored 21 points in the fourth quarter in their 50-point game against the Orlando Magic last weekend.

Although both are All-Stars, it seems more than ever as if the hierarchy is clear: When both are in the lineup, Tatum usually dominates the ball when it matters most while Brown is a supporting piece. .

Tatum’s reputation as a natural scorer and clutch artist is probably a big reason why Brown, not Brown, is seen as a long-term cornerstone of the franchise in the event of a breakup, while Brown is usually brought up in business conversations.

Although both have All-Star pedigrees, the numbers indicate that Tatum doesn’t need the Browns next to the Browns to succeed.

According to Basketball-Reference, neither of the Celtics’ two most effective five-man lineups include Tatum by offensive rating (points per 100 assets). Include brown at all. (In fact, the lineup of Tatum, Marcus Smart, Dennis Schroeder, Josh Richardson and Robert Williams has the best net rating ever on the team. And The entire split between the lineups that have played at least 25 minutes together, Via NBA.com.,

On the other hand, the Browns have two of the best lineups, by offensive ratings, with Tatum suggesting that it is possible for them to be productive together. Then, the Celtics are 9-12 when both play together and .500 (7-7 with Tatum, 2-2 with Brown) when there is only one of them.

While the sample size remains small for some of these lineups, it still provides fodder for the idea that building around Tatum and dealing with Brown while he is nearing the peak of his business value is a fair game. .

Brown’s continued growth could make a huge comeback if he keeps on improving.

Interestingly, the 25-year-old Brown has consistently been a more efficient scorer than Tatum by most percentages (two-point, three-point, true shooting) aside from free throws and a more stern defender. brown Even Contributes More Points Per Separation Possession (1.11) compared to the well-known iso-oriented Tatum (0.89), while Tatum (19.8 percent, fifth in the NBA) relies on isolation only 7.5 percent of the time. The Celtics also see an increase in assist percentages and a huge drop in opponents’ offensive ratings, with the Browns on the court, speaking for all their worth.

Brown may never have the superstar potential of Tatum, who was ranked as a top-15 player by many experts Before the start of this season. But he has proven himself to be a star that hasn’t been tapped, as evidenced by breaking out for five 40-point games over the past two seasons and raising his scoring average to this point every season. Is.

For whatever reason, though, this Celtics partnership with Tatum hasn’t garnered victories over the past two seasons, even as both players have moved closer to their primes.

While the two click in a way they haven’t quite managed yet in terms of raw production and their leadership of this up-and-down Greeley Tribune squad, it might really be time for a change of scenery. Is.