Wife ‘pulled an ember’ in sealed documents

According to newly-unsealed court documents, Marilyn Manson texted Johnny Depp in 2016 to say that his girlfriend “pulled an ember.”

The shock rocker — whose real name is Brian Warner — reportedly messaged Depp, “I’ve got an Ember 2.0.” In relation to his then girlfriend, now wife, Lindsay Usich.

Filed in thousands of pages of documents Depp vs Heard The defamation case opened over the weekend and was published online.

Documents, which were viewed by newsweekinclude text messages between Pirates of the Caribbean The actor and his friend Manson, who is also embroiled in a legal dispute with a former partner.

Evan Rachel Wood was sued for defamation after her ex-fiancé publicly alleged that she was domestically abused at the hands of the musician during their relationship.

During Depp and Heard’s blockbuster trial earlier this year, Depp testified that he had taken recreational drugs with Manson and that they were friends.

Over the weekend, a large number of documents related to the defamation case between Johnny Depp (R) and his ex-wife Amber Heard were sealed. Some of those documents include texts between Depp and his friend, shock-rocker Marilyn Manson (L).
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Now, text messages between the couple discussing Hurd and Manson about their partner Usich have been made public.

The unsealed documents reportedly contained text from Manson to Depp, saying that Usich filed a restraining order against him, alleging that he “beat her up” and that there were drugs in their home. .

“Lindsay just drew an ember on me… please remove,” another alleged text was found read in court documents.

In response, Depp reportedly advised Manson to “don’t take no s**t” and said it was important not to “give her what she wants.”

Depp added, according to the documents: “Sociopathic behavior … it’s real, my brother!! My ex-c**t is god**** textbook!!”

Manson also apparently referred to a 2016 incident when police were called to Depp and Heard’s Los Angeles home and Depp was written, according to the filing: “I had a serious cop with El’s family in amber sort of way. Scenario met. I’m f***ing stressed out. I don’t know if you’re back, but I need shelter somewhere because I think the police might follow my path.”

newsweek Representatives for Depp and Manson have been reached out for comment.

The newly-sealed documents stated that Depp’s legal team tried to ensure that the texts with Manson were not used in court because they argued that it was “under the guilty by association principle Mr. will smear.”

“Ms Heard’s attempt to implicate Marilyn Manson in this case lacks foundation and is entirely speculative and constitutes inappropriate character evidence,” the filing read.

After a televised trial in Virginia that ended in late May, the jury ruled largely in Depp’s favor on June 1, awarding him $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, while Hurd, who countered $100 million for the nuisance, was awarded $2 million in compensatory damages by the jury. Punitive damages against Heard were later reduced from $5 million to $350,000 under Virginia law that prevents such damages.

During this, westwold Star Wood first publicly named Manson as her alleged abuser in a post on Instagram on February 1, 2021, in which she claimed that Manson had “horribly abused” [her] for years” and said that he had been “brainwashed and manipulated”.

On the same day that Wood publicly named Manson, four other women also came forward and accused the musician of sexual and physical violence as well as mental, physical and emotional abuse.

Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp File Defamation Suit
Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp are pictured at the Gravleur’s premiere American exhibition at Trig Isn Fine Art on June 1, 2006 in West Hollywood, California. Manson and Depp have garnered tremendous fan support amid their respective lawsuits.
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At least 16 women have now come forward to level allegations against Manson Rolling stone.

Manson vehemently denies all charges against him and has filed a defamation suit against Wood Phoenix Rising Documentary about his claims.

On March 3, Manson’s legal team announced that a defamation suit had been filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Wood and “his on-again, off-again romantic partner” Ashley ‘Ilma’ Gore.

Manson’s attorney, Howard King, told Greeley Tribune at the time, “This detailed complaint has been filed to prevent a campaign of malicious and unwarranted attacks on Brian Warner.” Years after the end of Evan Rachel Wood’s long-term relationship with Warner, he and his girlfriend Ilma Gore recruited several women and persuaded them to make false accusations against him – claims that Wood and Gore scripted for him. is written.”

The unsealed documents also show that Depp’s team played on Heard’s “brief stint as an exotic dancer” in court, as well as “reality show videos of Amber Heard’s sister Whitney” and “Whitney and Amber’s past”. Attempted to enhance romantic relationships”.

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