Will not drink alcohol till today man pulled up for sarcastic comeback

A social media post showing a man’s reaction to a possible date showing that he does not drink has sparked an angry debate online.

In a post that was upvoted 88,000 times, a Reddit user by the name of darthsady shared a screenshot of what he claimed was a text message exchange between himself and a man simply referred to as “Tim”. was.

Writing alongside the post, Darthsady expressed disappointment at Tim’s apparent delusion that he is teetotal. “Why is it such a big deal that I chose not to drink?” she wrote.

Stock image of man and woman arguing in bar. A social media post showing a man’s reaction to a possible date showing that he does not drink has sparked an angry debate online.
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Once viewed as a social lubricant, there has undoubtedly been a shift in attitudes to drinking.

In a survey conducted by business intelligence firm Morning Consult40 percent of adults of drinking age said they are drinking less now than they were five years ago.

The study also found that about 43 percent of the respondents did not drink alcohol at all.

A number of reasons were cited, with a desire to be healthier (67 percent), a desire to save money (55 percent) and a desire to lose weight (44 percent).

Given the change in attitude, the woman was probably quite disappointed by her date’s clumsy attitude towards her teetotal situation.

In messages shown in the exchange posted online, she asks him “Where do you want to go?” for their date. He replies: “Well, you don’t drink.”

When she replies “I’m not sure” he tells her “that’s weird.” Although she tries to keep things light by answering “You’re weird”, her date struggles to move on from the topic. Is.

He continues to push for them to meet at once, explaining that “this is the idea of ​​my first meeting.”

In Darthsady’s defence, she isn’t even averse to meeting there, suggesting that they “go to a restaurant and bar kind of place” but she is clearly inclined to leave the topic of an alcohol-free lifestyle alone. Not there.

When she fails to receive a response, she rewrites: “I think I’m having a hard time seeing the issue” to which Tim sarcastically replies: “Are you going to drink water? Going? LOL.”

Writing in the comments below his post, Darthsady confirmed: “Unfortunately I’ve found it’s not unique to them. Whenever I say I don’t drink, I’m bombarded with “But why not??” until they feel like I’ve given a ‘satisfactory’ answer. It’s very annoying.”

She said that she ultimately decided against meeting Tim because of his reaction.
The post as well as most of the followers were inclined to think that was probably for the best.

NigilQuid felt “there was no reason to be weird about it” while Ok_Yard_4646 sympathized, commenting: “People get annoyed when I tell them I don’t drink.” Lubagomes said: “To me, the worst thing is people trying to persuade you to drink instead of supporting a healthier choice.”

Sam-Lowry 27b-6 Said: “People always want a reason but not being interested is not enough. It seems that personal preference with wine doesn’t matter if you don’t drink.” Kavenes wrote: “As a friend who doesn’t drink (often) I find it incredibly childish, do people base their entire social lives on drinking?”

DigitalDash88, meanwhile, branded alcohol “the only drug people get mad at for not doing you” with UngratfulCliffracer conceding that much of it may stem from “insecurities,” explaining that they encountered such people. who “make others want to drink because it validates them” by drinking as if they are secretly ashamed of it.

newsweek Darthsady has been contacted for comment.

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