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Will ‘Pangdemek’ really cause food shortages?

What is happening?

Horrible pictures of barren supermarket cupboards have flooded social media this week, forcing shops to warn the public. Panic buying In response to the obvious shortage of goods.

It’s like the bad old days of March 2020 and the beginning of the return Corona virus global outbreak In the UK, when dependent consumers raced to buy more and more toilet rolls and hand sanitizer bottles, to ensure that they would deliver as many items at home as they could at the time.

The latest outbreak of hysteria is due to the fact that – just a few days after the last release of social sanctions – the country has plunged itself into a “penguin”, following an explosion of NHS tests and trace app reports. It is advisable to stay away from yourself for the day. Getting in touch with someone for whom you have a positive experience Covid-19.

No exceptions have been made and with weeks to go before the current “contact isolation” model moves to “contact testing”, the UK economy is facing staff shortages through serious orders, a retail issue. And it affects every sector. Hospitality for transportation, tourism and manufacturing, which causes shifts to be rescheduled and services to be delayed or canceled altogether.

The supermarket shelves are left empty without enough staff to stack them or the supply of coffee products placed on them is just an immediate sign of the problem that is being felt up and down. Supply chain.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Appealing for calm on Thursday morning, he commented: “We are clearly aware of the effects that some industries are having and we are clearly with them, especially on supermarket shelves and food. Are working. ”

“We have a strong and flexible food supply chain in the UK,” he said.

Earlier, the Business Secretary Kosi Quarting He told Sky News that the government was “very concerned” about the situation and said that in response to the NHS Quad app, a list of critical workers eligible for solitary confinement was prepared “very soon”. Will be

He declined to give further details, saying, “We are going to announce the list of exempted workers. The list of exemptions will be very narrow because obviously you will have to draw a line somewhere.”

What is the supermarket saying?

The UK’s largest grocery retailers have so far described the shortage of supplies in their stores as “complicated” and said customers do not need to change their shopping habits and are still receiving regular deliveries.

He said that in addition to “Pangdemek”, high winds are also affecting the temperature and causing problems.

“We regret that we are reducing some of the products,” a co-op spokesman told the PA. “Like many retailers, we are having some complex disruptions to our supply and store operations but we are working with our own suppliers to re-supply.”

“We’re working hard to ensure that consumers can find what they need,” said a Saensbury spokesman. “While we may not always have the product that a consumer is looking for in every store, large quantities of goods are being delivered to the stores on a daily basis and our partners are focused on getting them to the shelves as soon as possible. ۔ ”

Tesco He says he has plenty of food and supplies throughout the UK every day.

But the owners of the company are more clear about the issue of staff absence offered by the NHS Quad app.

Empty shelves at Morrison in Liverpool’s Belleville

(Peter Byrne / PA)

Steve Rowe, CEO of M&S, said: “Our quadruple cases are almost doubling every week, and the level of pinging in Cuong’s case is three to one. So we’re seeing a rapid increase.” told Sunday Times. “If there is a shortage, we will have to handle it by changing the hours.”

Iceland chairman Richard Walker told BBC Radio 4 Today The program did not yet have a shortage of food, but it was clear that pinging was having an effect on their workforce: “We now have more than a thousand staff members who have been pinned down. Has gone That’s double the normal rate, and it’s up fifty percent on weekdays.

“Our biggest concern is that we have kept all our shops open for epidemics, but now we have to close one or two shops and reduce the hours in others.

“But unless the country’s system is resolved, it could go a long way.”

Meanwhile, Helen Dickinson, head of the British Retail Consortium, proposed the rules. Isolate yourself The food supply chain can be modified for people working in the country after the increasing number of staff absences.

He advised BBC Breakfast That there would be no need to isolate oneself in order to advance the date of double vaccination if one came in contact with a cowardly case (now August 16) could be a solution.

“There are some pilots for trial release for businesses and people who are paid to take the test themselves and then leave it at their place of work. These pilots can be extended or There could be a new system. ”

Why are we asking this now?

Staff shortages have affected many businesses and industries in recent weeks as a result of the “pangdemac”, which is clearly a growing problem for the UK economy, far from the supermarket sector.

with 618,903 warnings were sent to English and Welsh citizens In the past week, restaurants, pubs and bars have been reporting significant staff shortages, with 20% of employees absent, according to UK Hospitality.

According to an estimate Currently, 74,000 retail workers are isolatedIn the transportation and logistics sector, there are approximately 65,000 cleaning and catering staff and 39,170 employees.

Car makers love Nissan In Sunderland, واکسال And in Luton Rolls-Royce Everyone at Goodwood has indicated that they may need to revise the shift pattern in response to a massive absence, which will result in reduced productivity and inevitable delays.

Similarly, London Transport was recently forced to close the metropolitan line on the underground network as other rail and bus services reported cancellations.

An app message advising recipients to stay away from themselves


The British Met Processors Association has warned Production lines have already begun to fail Due to the number of workers isolating themselves on the Corona virus contacts.

That’s what CEO Nick Allen said Today Program: “There is really a wind of frustration blowing through the industry. So far we have managed to keep the food supply chain going but there is a sense that we will start to fail on this front.

Asked if Britain’s supply chain was stalling, he replied: “They are. This is already happening. We’re starting to see that at the retail level and in restaurants – everyone is really struggling to get things out.

Probably the most troubling, NHS England Absenteeism has increased by 60% in the last 10 days to 13,771, making it the most difficult to eliminate the threat of cowardice.

“Summer of chaos” without government action Sir Care Starmer Mr Johnson has accused the presidency of being too soon.

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