Will ‘The First Lady’ Season 2 Be On Showtime?

Season 1 of Showtime’s gripping historical drama first Lady, Its thrilling season finale aired on Sunday, June 19, and fans are already curious to know if there will be more to come.

Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt, Viola Davis as Michelle Obama and Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford in the 10-part series delve deeper into the similarities and differences between America’s three first ladies and their time in the White House. engrossed with.

will there be a season 2 first lady? newsweek Here’s everything you need to know about the future of the show on Showtime.

Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt in ‘The First Lady’. The show aired its thrilling season finale on Sunday and fans are already eager to know if there will be more to come.
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we will be there first lady Season 2 on Showtime?

the fate of first lady Season 2 is currently in the hands of Showtime.

As of now, there is no news about the future of the show, but it is still early days for details. first lady Season 2 will be announced. After all, the season finale has just aired.

The renewal will depend on a number of factors including ratings, the decisions of the creative team behind the show, and the availability of the cast—to name a few.

With so many First Ladies throughout history, there is certainly room for other stories to be told, putting the series in good stead for Season 2.

season 1 first lady Eleanor Roosevelt (played by Gillian Anderson), First Lady from 1933 to 1945, Betty Ford (Michelle Pfeiffer), who served as First Lady from 1974 to 1977, and Michelle Obama (Viola Davis), on the life of First Lady from 2009 be focused. 2017. All three women lived and worked in the center of the White House as their husbands held the position of President of the United States.

The show stars Oti Fagbenell as Barack Obama, Dakota Fanning as Susan Ford, Lily Rabe as Lorena Hickok, Regina Taylor as Marion Shields Robinson, Kiefer Sutherland as Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Gerald Ford. featured a star-studded cast including Aaron Eckhart.

From the beginning, first lady was not billed as a “limited series” and was instead listed as an “anthology series”, suggesting that the door may be left open for future seasons.

However, it is likely that season 1 first lady Anderson may be the ultimate fan of Davis and Pfeiffer, with Season 2 potentially featuring a whole host of other First Ladies.

With 46 presidents so far, there is no shortage of great stories told from the perspective of the women at the center of the White House to share.

speaking on first lady In a TCA (Television Critics Association) presentation ahead of the show’s premiere in April 2022, executive producers Kathy Schulman and Susan Beers teased which First Ladies they would like to focus on if Season 2 is given the green light.

time limit Reportedly, Schulman and Bear shared viewers could see the appearances of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump, Dolly Madison, Edith Wilson, Martha Washington and Roslyn Carter in future seasons of the show.

Beers teased: “I’m so looking forward to portraying Hillary Clinton because I think her situation was so complicated… I think it would be incredibly interesting.”

Shulman continued: “If we can figure out a way to do Jackie Kennedy that doesn’t tell the same old story again — especially the latter part of her life — I’m thrilled with that.”

History buffs will know that Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton was infamously impeached and was at the center of the Monica Lewinsky affair. Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State and was in the running to become the first female President of the United States in 2016.

One thing’s for sure, fans definitely want to see more first lady in future.

One tweeted: “I Watched All Season 1 Of “The First Lady” Only To Realize It’s The Only Season I’ve Ever Seen. That’s Why I Need Season 2 OK @Showtime. Let’s Turn It On! We Have A Good Thing Leaving. Let’s all do First Ladies. Good point.”

another fan shouted in: “The First Lady needs Season 2. The show was great. #Showtime”

Added a third: “First Lady was an amazing series @showtime I think season 2 should be Clinton, Kennedy/Nixon and Madison/Jefferson.”

If first lady The green light has been given for Season 2, following the release pattern of Season 1, fans can expect the show to premiere in April 2023 at the earliest.

Meanwhile, they just have to sit tight for news on the fate of the show.

season 1 first lady Now available to stream via Showtime and Hulu.

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