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William Auckland will start the NHL season with the San Jose Sharks.

SAN JOSE – William Eckland will celebrate his 19th birthday as a member of Shark.

Auckland was part of a group of six cheaters with the Sharks until Monday afternoon when NHL teams had to submit a roster according to the salary cap of more than 23 players in the league.

Other detective forwards on the shark’s roster are Jasper Weatherby, Jonathan Dahlin, and Lane Pedersen, as well as defender Century Hitka and Jack Middleton.

The Sharks have 22 players on the active list. Former Vancouver Canucks forward Jonah Goodwich, who was cleared by the Sharks last week, could arrive in San Jose from Canada in the next few days and join the roster.

Auckland, who turned 19 on Tuesday, was considered one of the NHL’s most available players in the 2021 draft when the Sharks finished seventh overall in July. Throughout training camp, Auckland received positive reviews from shark coaches and players as he led the team with six points in five pre-season games.

Auckland has had plenty of time on the Sharks’ power play and finished the pre-season on line with Tomas Hartel and Rudolph Balsers, indicating that he could potentially start the season in a significant role for the NHL team. Will do

Auckland is now in the selected company as well, as the only other players in the last 25 years who have taken the shark roster off the camp this year, in which they were drafted, were Patrick Marlio in 1997 and Milan McCallick in 2003.

Auckland is one of the 13 forwards the Sharks put on their roster on Monday. The Sharks are currently taking seven defensive and goal scorers Eden Hill and James Reimer.

The Sharks started Saturday at home against the One Peg Jets, as they will be the last team to play in the league.

The Sharks had 27 players on their roster as of Sunday, but forward Ender Kane was named as a non-roster player, Jeffrey Wells was placed on injured reserve, and forward Adam Rasca was assigned to Barracuda.

Defender Nikolai Kenizov has a lower body injury, has not been able to skate with the team, and the Sharks consider him a week-to-week. He has yet to pass the physical exam.

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