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Wisconsin GOP election leader criticizes 2020 investigation

MADISON, WAZ (AP) – The GOP-ordered probe into Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election went into opposition Monday by the Republican leader of the Assembly Election Committee, who said he was left out of the loop. And they do not agree with the move by the head of the investigation

The fresh twist comes later. Michael Gableman.Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court, which led the investigation, released a video over the weekend aimed at Government Tony Evers. Evers, a Democrat, told local election officials they should be “in accordance with the law” and called the taxpayer-funded investigation a گل 700,000 bond.

Gableman called it an “incomplete and misleading theory” of investigation.

Republican Speaker Robin Voss has ordered an investigation under pressure from Donald Trump, who has claimed without proof that he won Wisconsin last year. President Joe Biden won the state by just under 21,000 votes, a result that endured a recount and a variety of court rulings.

Gableman.The investigation has been criticized by Evers and other Democrats, moderate Republicans who say it undermines faith in the election that has been fair, and conservatives who say it has been widely criticized. Is not aggressive enough to follow. The notorious audit was recently completed in Arizona.

Republican Rep. Janelle Brandgen, chairman of the Assembly Election Committee, complained Monday that a recount of all ballots visible on voting machines would not restore confidence in the Wisconsin election.

Brandtjen disapproved Gableman. Mayors of five major Wisconsin cities who cooperate. of that Investigations will be exempted. As a special adviser, Gableman. No jurisdiction

Brandtjen said They Has just learned Gableman.Their actions, including issuing subpoenas to mayors and election officials from media reports and two videos. Gableman. Posted. They Said Gableman. Does not speak for They Or committee

Last week was a turning point in the investigation. Gableman. Issuance of Voss-signed subpoena to election officials and mayors of Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine and Kenosha. Someone to work with Gableman. He then asked the mayors to submit more limited information and to avoid a personal interview later this month. But Gableman. He said on Friday that if the officials did not cooperate, an interview would be held.

Gableman. The two sides also summoned the Wisconsin Election Commission. It is represented by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, led by Democratic Attorney General Josh Cole. He scheduled a news conference Monday to comment on the investigation.

In a radio interview on Friday, Gableman. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was compared to Nazi propaganda. They Canceled but caused calls. It To resign or be fired

on Saturday, Gableman. Move of that Criticism and comments on Evers, which he called an investigation about two weeks ago, were “bundled”.

“I want to ask Tony Evers how it is for the people of Wisconsin to know that their election was fair.” Gableman. Asked in the video, “What is the alternative? The alternative is looking the other way.”

Evers spokesman Burt Kidback compared the investigation to a circus. Gableman. He was a leader who did not understand the electoral process and “already determined the outcome of this embarrassing review.”

“This video further clarifies the governor’s comments that this is a گل 700,000 bond on taxpayer money to confirm what independent reviews have already proven: Wisconsin’s It was a free, fair and secure election and President Biden won. ”

The investigation initially focused on grants that helped the Democratic cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha and Racine run for office from the nonprofit Center for Tech and Civic Life.

The grants were donated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He angered some Republicans because ڈالر 6.3 million went to five Democratic cities that eventually voted for Biden. It was part of a $ 10 million grant that went to more than 200 Wisconsin communities.

Gableman. The video suggested that the grants were illegal, although the courts ruled that they were not.

Gableman. Also said They He had strong evidence that Wisconsin’s election laws were not properly followed by election officials at both state and local levels. They Violations of the law, or protocol, or both, could occur, and ballot security measures could be compromised, he said.

They This evidence is not stated.

Gableman. He told a rally of Trump supporters in November without proof that the election had been rigged. In an interview with the Journal Sentinel last week, Gableman. Said They I don’t understand how elections are held.

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