Wisconsin Sen. Johnson Under Heat

Madison, Wis. — Ron Johnson, an aide to U.S. Sen., told employees of former Vice President Mike Pence that Wisconsin Republicans want to hand over fake voter votes to Pence from his state and neighboring Michigan, text messages appeared at Tuesday’s meeting. The House Select Committee’s January 6, 2021 inquiry showed rebellion.

Johnson’s spokeswoman Alexa Henning shrugged off the texts after she first appeared publicly during a committee hearing in Washington, but didn’t deny that Johnson wanted to hand Pence a slate of fake voters.

“The senators had no involvement in the creation of the electives’ alternate slate and had no foreshadowing that it would be delivered to our office,” Henning tweeted, “It was an employee for Staff Exchange. Their new Chief of Staff contacted the Vice President’s office. The Vice President’s office said not to give it to them and we did not. No further action was taken. End of story.”

Johnson had planned to object to admitting voters in states where he said the results were in dispute. He signed off on the objection of Arizona voters, which preceded the attack, but those voters later voted to accept. He didn’t mind accepting Wisconsin’s vote, but the state’s two Republican congressmen did.

Presented evidence showed a back-and-forth between Johnson’s aide Sean Riley and Pence staff member Chris Hodgson on January 6, 2021 at 12:37 p.m.


“What is this?” Hodgson replied.

“Alternate slate of voters for MI&WI because the archivist didn’t receive them,” Riley wrote back.

Hodgson replied: “Don’t give it to him.”

Wisconsin Republicans met at the state capitol on December 14, 2020, the same day that 10 Democratic voters cast their votes for Biden, who narrowed the battlefield to just 21,000 votes. They forwarded their votes for Trump to the National Archives, arguing that they were trying to preserve Trump’s legal options if the court overturned Biden’s victory.

Wisconsin’s bipartisan Election Commission declined to penalize fake voters, determining that none of the election laws had been violated. Fake voters are now being sued by a liberal law firm in Wisconsin that is seeking $2.4 million in damages.

Other evidence shown at Tuesday’s hearing indicated that Trump’s campaign team wanted Wisconsin’s fake voter paperwork to be taken to Washington.

“Trump wants to fool the idiots into having someone carry the original election letter for President of the Senate,” Mark Jefferson, executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party, texted on Jan. Hell is going on.”

Johnson later met with Wisconsin lawmakers in 2021 to talk about dismantling the state’s bipartisan Electoral Commission and moving the GOP-controlled Legislature to handle presidential and federal elections.

Johnson’s Democratic opponents jumped at the revelation at Tuesday’s hearing and called on him to resign.

“Ron Johnson actively seeks to undermine this democracy,” Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes said in a statement calling for Johnson’s resignation. “He literally tried to hand over a fake ballot to Mike Pence. Once again Ron Johnson has proved that he is a threat to our country and our fundamental rights.

Other Democratic candidates, including State Treasurer Sark Godlevsky and Outgame County Executive Tom Nelson, made similar remarks calling for his resignation. Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Larry called Johnson a “traitorous traitor and a threat to our democracy” but stopped short of calling for him to resign, saying the only way for Johnson to go is if he leaves in November. get lost.

Nelson, who had previously called on Johnson to testify before the January 6 commission, said the revelations were “beyond anything I could have imagined how far Ron Johnson would go to reverse our Wisconsin election result.” “

He called on the Justice Department to investigate Johnson.

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