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Jaylen Phillips has the potential to be a star pass rusher in its second season. Emmanuel Ogba is out of his new long-term contract. Melvin Ingram was the big defensive takeover in the off-season. And don’t forget about Andrew Van Ginkel.

The Miami Dolphins, who send blitzers as creatively as any other defense in the NFL, already fierce pass crowds can only get better in 2022.

Phillips comes out of the 2021 season where he set a Dolphins rookie record with 8 1/2 sacks. When asked to put his head down and get after the quarterback, what he was primarily asked to do in his final college season at the University of Miami led to him being selected in the first round of his draft. . He has worked this off season Be a leaner and more balanced outside linebacker,

“Never satisfied,” is one way Phillips described his approach in Year 2, the first week of training camp. “Last year was a great learning experience. I’m definitely looking to build on that.”

Phillips’ eagerness was evident from the camp’s opening exercise last week when he had several sacks.

“Definitely at a different starting point than a year ago,” said Defensive Coordinator Josh Boyer on MondaySpeaking of both Phillips and fellow Rising second-year defender in Safety Jevon Holland, “Which is naturally expected, but I think the fact that both of those guys have evolved physically, mentally and emotionally is important for us. It’s been great.”

Phillips struggled through the camp at the same time last year and went on to provide a second-half boon at the start of the season. Now, he’s taking that pace of seven sacks from his last nine games into his sophomore season in the same defense, but with a new location coach.

“They’ve made a ton of progress,” said new Dolphins outside linebackers coach Ty McKenzie. “He’s adapted to the new coaching, adapted to the system we’re running here. He really pushes himself to try to be the best he can be. He knows it’s not easy. He can make mistakes. And I can jump on him, but he knows it’s coming from a good place.

Ogba, the defensive end, had nine sack seasons in each of the last two years for the Dolphins, before finally getting the four-year, $65 million deal he wanted. According to defensive line coach Austin Clarke, he’s still motivated going into 2022.

“Exactly the same,” Clark said of Ogba’s approach. “I wouldn’t know how much a man gets paid if you’re working here.”

Ingram, 33, is The Knowledgeable Experienced With Three Pro Bowls on Your Resume, Phillips mentioned him as someone who has imparted wisdom to youth, but Ingram has tried to up his game at this stage of his career as well.

McKenzie said, “He is open to learning new things, learning new techniques in the run game and pass game, so will just keep working with him and he will keep getting better. Seeing that we have this guy in time for the season How well can you do that.”

Van Ginkel’s role should not be underestimated just because the dolphins brought in Ingram. He was instrumental in winning eight of his last nine games in Miami in 2021, where he averaged an 82.67 percent defensive snap play in those competitions.

“Anything we can do to create camaraderie,” Van Ginkel said of his reaction when Ingram signed the Dolphins. “His leadership, experience, the way he attacks every day, it is great to be here. The energy he brings, you know he is going to give everything he has got.”

Van Ginkel, Joe Saturday’s practice had a pair of sacks, It also feels like having more depth on the edge may allow the pass rushers to rotate more often and play with the motor higher on less snap.

The Dolphins also have Jerome Baker coming off the 5 1/2-sack 2021 campaign, Capable of being versatile and can play both indoors and outdoors On the linebacking core. Last season, Brennan Scarlett, an outside linebacker, said during the team’s off-season workout program that he was receiving practice reps on the defensive line.

And Miami’s pass rush, of course, could extend as far back as secondary, with the safety tandem of Brandon Jones and Jevon Holland always at risk for Blitz.


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