Woman refusing to return dead fiancé’s engagement ring backed online

A woman mourning the recent loss of her fiancé is refusing to return her engagement ring to her family, despite the fact that they insist it represents “an ancient family heirloom”.

Everyone reacts to bereavement differently, with symptoms of grief ranging from physical to emotional. The American Academy of Family Physicians says that during this period of bereavement it is important to take time to process feelings, while attending to physical needs and maintaining some sort of routine.

One thing the Academy recommends to people who are making a big decision is to avoid grief. “It takes time to adjust to the loss and get back to a normal state of mind,” the Academy explains. “Making an impulsive decision when you are grieving can add more stress to an already difficult time.”

At face value, a grieving fiancée elaborated on social media how she told the family of her deceased partner that carrying the engagement ring he gave her to her grave may seem impulsive and sick.

However, for many on Reddit, the woman’s reaction was completely warranted. Writing in a post that earned over 13,000 upvotes on the “M the A******” subreddit, the bereaved recently revealed how she recently lost her fiancé, Jake, after six years together. Gave.

“His death was unexpected and I am still grieving,” she wrote, later elaborating that she died in an accident at work. According to Jake’s fiancéeDuring her funeral, her brother Jim approached her and asked when she would “return the engagement ring to the family.”

Although she acknowledges that the ring is an “ancient family heirloom”, which makes it “precious”, there is a story behind it. “Jake got the ring from his grandmother a month after we started dating, claimed he knew back then that he would marry me someday and wanted to get his grandmother’s blessing on the ring,” she wrote. “When he proposed that his grandmother had already passed away, placing the blessing on the ring made it extra special for both of us.”

Despite this personal importance, Jim appears eager to take it from her as his own fiancée Stacy “fell in love with it” some time ago. Enraged at Jim for being “incredibly abusive” by asking about the ring at his brother’s funeral, he initially rejected his request.

After the funeral, he receives a message from Stacey, saying that “it would mean the world to her” if she gave him the ring and urging her to try and think of it as a “bittersweet ending” to their relationship. did.

“She said the ring was blessed so one of the grandchildren could marry the love of his life, and since Jim is the only surviving grandson, he has a claim to it,” the woman wrote. Matters escalated when Jake and Jim’s mom approached her and told her that while she understood her pain, the ring was a “family heirloom” and she should “suck it up and give it to Jim.”

At this point, the woman admitted that she was “snapped” and told Jake’s mother that she would take the ring to her “if needed”. She added: “It’s a beautiful symbol of Jake’s love and I won’t let Jim and Stacy spoil his memory.”

Although the ring is “legally” hers, she said she has faced harassment on social media from Jake’s family, who labeled her a “bad person” who “stole the family heirloom.” Her own brother also joined in, accusing her of being “selfish to keep the ring as a gift”. The grieving woman has remained adamant so far, taking to Reddit to gauge the reaction to her actions.

But when her future in-laws appeared to be vehemently opposed to her actions, most people on Reddit thought it was right to keep the ring. One user, 666Sweet666, rubbished the notion that it is in the family. “You were family enough for Grandma’s blessing. You were family enough for your partner,” he said. “The ring is yours. The memory is yours.”

Amazonpixie81, meanwhile, called the brother’s decision to contact him at his funeral “horribly unfair and cold-hearted,” saying “they had been together for 6 years and the owner of the ring gave it to him.”

Remarkable_Top_5401 commented: “I understand wanting a family heirloom back, but they didn’t help with the funeral and everyone was extremely insensitive to the loss of someone they loved.” Stardust591 continued: “Their family can’t ask you to return the gift just because it’s an heirloom. The ring is yours as you want it and they can all deal with that fact.”

Elsewhere, Sillyroombie accused the family of using the claim that it was an inheritance to “manipulate” the bereaved fiancée. “Sticky, and disgusting,” he wrote. “I can’t imagine possibly asking someone who lost her husband for an engagement ring.”

newsweek The original poster has been contacted for comment.

Stock image of woman holding engagement ring. A woman has been supported online after the family of a recently deceased fiancé refused to return an engagement ring.

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