Woman says male worker can’t make more than $40k even from his ‘call’ schedule

In a now-viral TikTok video, a woman shared a story about her experience working for her male colleague when he refused to fulfill one of his responsibilities.

Shared by tiktok user @itsjessilyn Movies on June 10, and has since been viewed nearly 400,000 times. Fellow TikTok users didn’t hesitate to share their personal experiences about working with difficult colleagues.

‘Weapon incompetence’

“Can we talk about the fact that weaponized disability is also a factor in the workplace?” he said at the beginning of his video. “I just had a male coworker throw me under the bus near a client because I asked him to do something that was part of his job role that he didn’t feel like doing because it was in my clients’ accounts. Not very active.”

In a now-viral TikTok video, a woman shared her experience of taking on a task that her male colleague “didn’t feel like doing” in a video. Above, a stock image of a frustrated employee.
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Weapon incompetence, also known as strategic incompetence, occurs when a person avoids accomplishing a task by pretending that they are unable to do it.

“What happens fast, masters of strategic incompetence learn, is that people stop expecting you to do certain tasks; they no longer ask you to do them, and they adjust how they rate you.” do: your failure to do the activity stops counting against you.” Guardian informed of.

@itsjessilyn said that her coworker failed to schedule a phone call despite it being one of her responsibilities.

His initial thought was that his co-worker was “bad” at his job, but that changed.

He knows how to schedule calls. He is intentionally making it difficult.


“I thought about it for a minute, and I thought, ‘This guy’s been with the company for many years. He’s paid over $40,000 a year and can’t schedule a**king call?’ ” said @itsjecilin. “He knows how to schedule a call. He’s intentionally making it difficult.”

tiktoker takeaway

Viewers took their views in the comment section.

One TikTok user wrote, “Is it possible to document this from HR? Because if it’s part of their role that should be included in their review.”

Some suggested that @itsjessilyn take the matter to your boss and tell him that his coworker needs training to complete various aspects of his job.

people really go to work to find [ways] to not work.

tiktok commenter

“People go to work to really find [ways] For not working,” commented another viewer.

Many people shared their experiences of working with people who make work even more difficult.

“I have a coworker who tries this,” wrote one. “He tried to remove the boss, said something rude. I added him back.”

“was a 40. [minute] Call an adult to show me how to save an attachment and be able to find it in a folder I made on her desktop,” commented another.

A bystander said that he had seen such behavior in front of him.

“As a man who is in a corporate [environment]—I’ve seen my male coworkers work for/with me and then suddenly become ‘not able’ when a woman asks,” he wrote.


one in follow up video@itsjessilyn revealed that his co-worker has resigned, although he will continue to work with his company for the next few weeks.

She said the incident was reported to her manager, her manager’s manager, and her co-worker’s direct supervisor. The employee, @itsjessilyn said, reportedly filed several other complaints against her, though she doesn’t know whether this particular incident prompted her to resign.

My company took this seriously, which was a privilege for me to experience


“My company took this seriously, which was something I was very privileged to experience,” said @itsjessilyn.

newsweek Contacted @itsjessilyn for further comment.

Other stories have been shared by people who said they experienced weapon inefficiency.

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