Members of a popular online forum were shocked when one of the new grandmothers revealed why her daughter refused to talk to her.

In a viral Reddit post posted on r / AmITheA ** hole, Redditor u / onetroubledmom (otherwise known as the original poster or OP) said she got stuck between a hammer and an anvil when one of her daughters went to work before her other daughter’s wedding and detailed hot aftermath of your decision to be there at both key moments.

Entitled, “[Am I the a**hole] for missing the birth of a grandson to attend the wedding of the second daughter? ” Post has received over 14,000 votes in favor and 3,500 comments since September 30.

“I am the mother of two wonderful daughters,” OP began. “Sophia, 32 and Nichole, 26”.

Continuing to explain that she has a positive relationship with both of her children, the original poster said she was to lead Nichole down the aisle at her wedding and then go to Sophia’s to help look after her in the weeks following her birth.

The original poster also said that Sophia had started giving birth three weeks earlier and described her superhero effort to support both daughters despite the family chaos it caused.

“Time has run out of that [Sophia] he was supposed to be born after Nichole’s wedding, ”wrote OP. “Instead, Sophia started giving birth… the previous afternoon.

“I missed Sophia’s first call because I was almost 2.5 hours away …[but] She wanted me to get there as soon as possible, ”continued the OP. “Nichole was able to move her ceremony… and make it a 25-minute ceremony, and… I thought it was a good compromise.

“I arrived at the hospital in the early afternoon and was a few hours late for delivery,” added OP. “Sophia was so furious she didn’t want me to come … I spoke to my son-in-law and he said they were both furious that I decided to abandon Sophia when she needed me the most for a party.”

While mothers of adult babies may have fewer responsibilities than they did decades ago, there are still times when adults just need a mom.

Childbirth and weddings are two of those times.

However, while mothers of young and expectant mothers usually play a key role and are able to provide unparalleled comfort, both events taking place simultaneously and hourly apart present an obvious challenge.

This is especially true when there is even apparent sibling rivalry.

Despite the belief that sibling rivalry decreases over time, many adult children have difficulty shifting away from the rivalry for parental attention that has dominated their years of formation.

“Sibling rivalry is not always overgrown” Very good mind – says stress management expert Elizabeth Scott. “In some cases, it only gets worse over time.”

“While most parents love their adult children, it is surprisingly common for a parent to be closer to or more supportive of certain adult offspring than others, which causes sibling rivalry,” continues Scott.

In her viral post on Reddit, the original poster admitted that there were difficult times in her relationship with her daughter Sophia, but remained adamant that she strove to be present to both of her children during the most important days of their lives.

A grandmother struggling with the lack of contact with her eldest daughter. Members of the r / AmITheA ** hole forum on Reddit defended one woman who said she missed the unexpected birth of her first grandson for her daughter’s wedding in 2.5 hours.
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In the comments section of the viral post, Redditors praised her effort and assured her that she couldn’t do anything more, no matter how upset her eldest daughter was.

“[Not the a**hole] and I’m really surprised by the answers here, ”wrote Redditor u / newbeginingshey in the first comment on a post that received nearly 41,000 votes. “A wedding is not just a party. This is the only event in my life.

“And it’s not like you were planning to participate one on top of the other,” they continued. “The baby was born 3 weeks earlier … how could anyone assume that you are going to prioritize one baby over another … it just knocks my mind.”

“The sister had a husband with her,” added Redditor u / dudleymunt, receiving over 15,000 votes in favor. “She wasn’t alone, nor was she supported.”

Redditor u / KarmaWillGetYa, whose comment received nearly 6,000 votes, offered a similar answer.

– It wasn’t a “party”. It was her sister’s WEDDING where YOU, her mother, led her down the aisle, ”they wrote. “It seems she wanted your attention to focus on her sister’s hurt and disappointment.

“You are [not the a**hole]”Added Redditor u / norismomma, receiving over 4,000 votes in favor. “It was an impossible situation and you did your best.”

“Honestly, Sophia is quite selfish,” said Redditor u / Clichessea_18. “They were both once in a lifetime experiences.”

Newsweek I contacted u / onetroubledmom for a comment.

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