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Monday night got off to a boon for George Springer and then it turned on the home team. Springer, the target of Yankees fans’ vitriol for his part in the 2017 Astros cheating scandal, calms down the taunts with a home run and RBI double. The anger of the sparse crowd at Yankee Stadium then turned into a weak attack from the bombers.

The Yankees only managed three hits and were stopped by Alec Manoah and the Blue Jays bullpen in a 3–0 loss at the stadium.

The Yankees (2-2) have had two straight losses and quietly lost to their American League East rivals on Monday night. Eighth saw Adam Simber turn on the Yankees to take out DJ LeMahieu, and then work to hit Anthony Rizzo off the pitch when he hit Aaron Judge (his second night) and a pop out from Giancarlo Stanton. Did. ,

Joey Gallo, who had his first multiple-hit game of the season, advanced with a ninth-place single, but Gleber Torres then entered a double play. Aaron Hicks singles out before Kyle Higashioka was dismissed to end the game.

Most of the night went like this.

Manoah shocked the Yankees’ supposedly powerful lineup. Joey Gallo’s single in the second was the Bombers’ only hit for the first six innings. The Blue Jays right-hander, who made his league debut at Yankee Stadium last season, put four Yankees on base with walks, but also hit seven.

Yes, it’s too early in the season. But offense was an issue last season for the Yankees, who have yet to show they have improved in that aspect of their game.

The Yankees were built on power hitters and tended to overwhelm their opponents with offense but finished seventh in the American League in ops (.729), 10th in runs scored (711) and strikeouts last season (1482) was in fourth place. The Yankees let longtime hitting coach Marcus Thames and assistant hitting coach PJ Pilitre go after those offensive clashes this winter.

He promoted Dillon Lawson, who was the team’s minor league hitting coordinator, to a coaching position with the major leaguers. Promoted Triple-A hitting coach Casey Dykes hired his assistant and hired Hensley Mullens, who has vast major league coaching experience, as a second assistant.

So far the change in personnel hasn’t netted the results the Yankees wanted.

While offense is low across the board with league-wide batting averages down from .237 to .229 last year and OPS from .714 to .682, the Yankees aren’t exactly dominating that side of the ball. The Yankees finished 18th in scoring in the league and 16th in the Ops in Monday night’s game.

Like last year, the pitching was strong again on Monday, but this time right from the start.

Talone, who was a question mark starting the season after ankle surgery this winter, was the first Yankee pitcher to get through five innings. The last three Yankees starters – Gerrit Cole, Luis Severino and Jordan Montgomery – combined for 10.1 innings. Talon fought the Blue Jays, conceding two runs for five hits. He hit a six and the batsmen could not walk. The Blue Jays did the only loss to the right-hander in George Springer’s third innings, a two-run homer.

Talon organized the rest of the Blue Jays’ explosive lineup, which already had a major league-leading eight homers coming into the game, in Czech.

“I mean, they have great hitters. They’re extremely deep. They can do a lot of different things, cover a lot of different pitches, but I mean, still something that always Pitching works against them, will work against them,” said Tellon. “Not letting them sit in one spot on a pitch. So I try to be unpredictable, move the ball around, take it from bat to bat.” Till I mix.”

Michael King delivers an RBI double to Springer in the seventh. The Blue Jays pushed the Yankees for a final American League playoff spot last season, and their youth lineup is dangerous.

“They can bang. They really can’t question about it and have a really terrible rotation. It’s a really good club,” said Yankees manager Aaron Boone. “And we’ve seen that last.” years, a year ago for that matter. It is indeed a strong youth center of players. He will find it difficult to play the entire season and will look forward to that challenge.


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