Aaron Judge’s drive to break the record sells out the crowds at Yankee Stadium

Aaron Judge’s drive to break the record sells out the crowds at Yankee Stadium


TORONTO —Aaron Judge smashed Roger Maris’ US league record in 61 home heats this season, hitting the New York Yankees tied two-speed run against the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday night.

The 30-year-old minion drove a 94.5mph with a full left-handed counting by Tim Mayza through the left field fence at the Rogers Center. The 117mph drive landed 394 feet from the plate. and give the Yankees 5-3 advantage.

The ball rattled off the front of the stands, just below two spectators who reached over the railing and tried to catch the ball, then plunged into the Toronto bull.

The judge’s mother and Roger Maris Jr. they got up and snuggled up from the front row seats. He seemed to be pointing at them after circling at second base, then congratulated by the entire Yankees team for hugging him after he made his way through the record.

The judge passed 60 Babe Ruth hits in 1927, which were major league points until Maris broke him in 1961. All three stars achieved these huge numbers by playing for the Yankees.

Barry Bonds holds the league record with 73 points for the San Francisco Giants in 2001.

The referee has gone through seven matches without a home run – his longest drought this season is nine in mid-August. This was the Yankees’ 155th game of the season, leaving them with seven more in the regular season.

The home run came in his fourth appearance that night for the referee, ending a series of 34 disc appearances without a home rune.

The judge hits .314 out of 130 RBI, also with the best results in AL. He has the chance to become the first AL triple crown winner since Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera in 2012.

Maris landed 61st for the Yankees on October 1, 1961, against Boston Red Sox pitcher Tracy Stallard.

The Maris mark has been crossed six times, but they have all been tainted with the stench of steroids. Mark McGwire scored 70 home runs for St. Louis Cardinals in 1998 and 65 the following year, and Bonds overtook him. Sammy Sosa was 66, 65 and 63 in four seasons starting in 1998.

McGwire pleaded guilty to using banned steroids, while Bonds and Sosa denied knowingly taking performance-enhancing dr*gs. Major League Baseball began testing with PED penalties in 2004, and some fans – perhaps many – have so far regarded Maris as having a “clean” record.

One of the tallest batter in major league history, a 180 cm judge appeared on the stage on August 13, 2016, bouncing off the barrier above the sports bar in Yankee Stadium’s central pitch and crashing into the net above Monument Park. He followed Tyler Austin to the record and became the first teammates to score in their first league bats in the same match.

The following year, the judge hit 52 homers from 114 RBI and became the unanimous winner of the AL Rookie of the Year award. Injuries limited him over the next three seasons, and he rebounded to hit 39 RBI 98 home occupiers in 2021.

As he was approaching his final season before being admitted as a freelance agent, the judge on the opening day rejected the Yankees’ offer for an 8-year contract worth $ 230.5 million to $ 234.5 million. The proposal averaged $ 30.5 million a year in 2023-29, and his salary this year was expected to be either the $ 17 million offered by the arbitration team or the $ 21 million requested by the player.

In June, an agreement was reached on a $ 19 million annual deal, and the judge is heading into this off-season period, likely to win a contract from the Yankees or another team for $ 300 million or more, possibly even $ 400 million.

The judge struck six home occupants in April, 12 in May and 11 in June. He won his fourth All-Star selection and went on hiatus with 33 homers. He had 13 people returning home in July and dropped to nine in August when injuries made him less protected in the bounce order, with pitchers walking 25 times.

He became only the fifth player to have a share in the AL season record. Nap Lajoie reached 14 in their first season of AL as a major league in 1901, and Philadelphia Athletics teammate Socks Seabold was 16 the following year, which meant he held up until Babe Ruth reached 29 in 1919. Ruth set the record four times, from 54 in 1920, 59 in 1921 and 60 in 1927, which meant she was 61 years old for Maris in 1961.

Maris was 35 in July 1961. During the first season, each team’s schedule had increased from 154 to 162 games, and baseball commissioner Ford Frick ruled that if anyone defeated Ruth in more than 154 games, “there must be some clear mark in the record books to show that Babe Ruth’s record was set within the schedule of 154 games. ”

This “hallmark” became known as the “star” and remained until 4 September 1991, when the Statistical Accuracy Committee chaired by Commissioner Fay Vincent voted unanimously to recognize Maris as a record holder.

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