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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Troubled city leaders are responding to Wednesday’s tragic fire that killed at least 12 people in Fairmount and are also providing fire safety information to neighborhood residents.

City leaders are heartbroken by the tragic fire that claimed the lives of at least 12 people, mostly children. Eyewitness News spoke to the city council president present at the spot on Wednesday morning. He was still trying to find the words hours after the devastating loss.

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“It’s just sad. I don’t know what to say,” said city council president Darrell Clark.

Clark was left speechless after arriving at the scene of the tragic fire at Fairmount on Wednesday morning.

“Your heart, your whole body just sank,” Clark said.

Seeing the house ravaged by fire and hearing the news of loss of life, everyone felt very sad. Of at least 12 people killed in the morning fire, nine were children, the youngest of whom was 2 years old. Eyewitnesses learned that two other children attended a neighboring school, the Bache-Martin School.

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Clarke recalls how the students learned the heartbreaking news about their classmates.

“The kids at the Bache-Martin school, who apparently went to some of these kids, the reaction of the kids knowing they’ve lost their friends is overwhelming,” Clark said. “It’s tremendous not only for the neighborhood but for everyone.”

Fire marshals, the Philadelphia Housing Authority and other city departments will investigate the cause of the fatal fire. City leaders say other landlords with multi-unit properties across the city should take this time to assess security measures.

“It should not be just the housing authority. Immediately, all landlords, property owners should check all safety measures as it pertains to fires,” said Clarke.

Eyewitnesses learned that there were several fire alarms inside the multi-unit home, but officials say none of them were working.

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Firefighters remind residents that they can call Philly311 to request a smoke alarm and they will install it for you.