The incident happened after a helmet hit the helmet in a match between Mattapan Patriots and Malden Cyclones.

The youth soccer coach was arrested Sunday in Malden after he allegedly threw a soccer ball at a referee out of frustration.

50-year-old Dana Jones of Roslindale coached Pop Warner’s Mattapan Patriots team against Malden Cyclones at Macdonald Stadium in Malden when the incident occurred, according to a police report obtained by Boston Globe. Jones later told police that he believed the opposing team was cheating and that the referee was making “bad” calls.

Thomas Abruzzese, a 66-year-old judge, told officers that Jones’ anger had increased after talking to Abruzzese about helmet-to-helmet contact. He said that the ball thrown by Jones hit him in the center of the chest, according to Globeand strength made him knelt in pain.

Abruzzese said Mattapana’s team was winning when the Malden player was injured following an illegal hit. Immediately after throwing the flag for hitting, Abruzzese said he heard Mattapan’s coaches shouting curses at him.

“When I turned around, I was surprised by that coach throwing the ball at me,” Abruzzese said in an interview with Globe. “I am still trying to understand what caused the fury of this coaching staff and this trainer in particular.”

Police interviewed two other judges who said they saw Jones “shooting” the ball at Abruzzese. Another referee said he saw the ball collide with Abruzzese.

In an interview with WCVBJones said he was frustrated after being kicked out of the game.

“I grabbed the ball and – just insane and in frustration – I just hit the ball and I happened to hit one of the referees,” Jones told WCVB.

The newspaper reported that he was accused of assaulting and beating a person aged 60 or older with a dangerous weapon. He pleaded not guilty and was released after personal recognition. Jones is expected to return to court in early November.

Abruzzese said Globe that she hopes Jones will be punished enough for this act.

“I hope he goes to jail because, frankly, it has to stop,” he told the paper.

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